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Hidrognosis is a private services company and consultancy, dedicated to projects in water resources, hydrogeology, hydrologic planning that deals with environmental issues related to water.

The water component of any project requires a specific knowledge of various technical aspects with an increasing level of field.

Hidrointel team members have consolidated experience in:

  •      Hydrogeology;
  •      Groundwater management;
  •      Modelling of groundwater flow;
  •      Construction of groundwater extraction as well as its management, maintenance, remediation and restoration;
  •      Hydrological management, calculation and modeling of runoff, basin analysis;
  •      Environmental Engineering / Water Treatment and Wastewater;
  •      Agronomy;
  •      Geographic Information Systems.
  •      Assessment of contamination
  •      Planning monitoring and sampling
  •      Quantification of areas and volumes of contaminated soils remediation of contaminated soils
  •      Environmental Risk Assessment
  •      Definition of perimeters of water abstraction
  •      Environmental Impact Assessment
  •      Licensing the use of water resources

We pledge to use our best knowledge in data collection and analysis so as to provide the best intelligence service in water resources and provide advanced technology solutions and proven reliable in order to implement the most appropriate solutions or provide more complete information.