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Does the water at your home have the proper quality?

When the water available at your home is extracted from a well or borehole it is not subject to a quality control as it would if coming from public supply.

Quality control must be made in order to assess how adequate it is for its purpose, minimizing health risk whether it is used for drinking, cooking, hygiene, irrigation or leisure activities, such as swimming pools.

Hidrognosis – Environment and Water Resources provides a wide range of services which address the issues related to water. On the process of assessing health hazards related to water consumption, we can evaluate the operational and sanitary conditions of the extraction system, storage and household distribution, including:

  • Water sample collection an forwarding to laboratory testing
  • Water quality report interpretation
  • Surveying of water well surrounding area for possible water contamination origins
  • Hydraulic and sanitary evaluation of domestic water distribution and storage systems
  • Reporting and instructions on how to improve the quality of the available water
  • Consultancy and technical support on water supply and wastewater disposal systems and equipments.

The evaluation can be done on a one time basis or on a continuous basis, with semiannual measurements to assess changes in the quality of water, minimizing health risk or improper usage.

Hidrognosis does not sell or is associated to any equipment brand or company. We also do not execute laboratorial water testing or are associated with any laboratory.

We provide consultancy on all aspects regarding water extraction, usage, quality and wastewater treatment and disposal, including evaluation and recommendations on the best technologies available from the technical, environmental and economical point of view.

Date: 14-03-2012